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Case Study

Building and Nurturing Business Relationships

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Tonkin and Taylor is a highly regarded engineering consultancy in Australasia. Clients are central to the professional services industry and the ability of individuals within and organisation to build and sustain meaningful relationships with clients is a critical capability required for success. BRS developed and delivered a tailored, practical, skills based, interactive and engaging program that enhanced and embedded specific relationship capability building across the business.

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Why they approached us

Tonkin and Taylor sought a partner to develop and deliver a skills based program across a broad mix of technical areas and experience. BRS was selected on the basis of the track record and practical experience of our team members having successfully undertaken client relationship building roles in the infrastructure industry. This importantly provided technical and industry specific context and understanding.

BRS was able to draw on the industry leading skills in business development, bid coaching and client relationship building. A particular strength of the BRS teams’ capability was the ability to draw on its understanding and accreditation in applied human psychology tools such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to provide a sophisticated and evidenced based approach to understanding client decision making preferences.

The content covered themes including:

  • Understanding the influence of MBTI preferences on individual approach to client relationships;
  • Recognising and understanding the needs of your clients;
  • Core elements of relationship building including an appreciation of and understanding of the market factors and business challenges facing the client;
  • Client selection and prioritisation principles and techniques;
  • Using an understanding of MBTI preferences to get better value from client interactions by increasing the appreciation of personal preferences. For example, extroversion vs introversion, the information that clients trust and how clients make decisions;
  • Creating practical approaches to increase the value and outcomes from meetings and written communications such as proposals for clients and for Tonkin and Taylor;
  • Identifying impediments to client relationship building and embedding constructive and positive habits to overcome these;
  • Capitalising on cross selling opportunities and overcoming factors and behaviours that limit the ability to maximise the scale and quality of the relationship; and
  • Building confidence and capability in networking situations.

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