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BRS provides services to organisations who procure, plan, design, build, operate or own asset infrastructure. This includes asset owners such as federal, state and local government, resources and utilities, in addition to those who bid, design, build and maintain assets such as consultants and constructors.

We specialise in the non-technical side of asset delivery and operations at the project and organisational level servicing the commercial side including project governance, bid support and procurement, as well as the people aspects such as leadership and team development and organisational high performance. Our team members have extensive client, contractor and consultant experience and our clients engage us for our services because we understand our industries and have extensive experience within them.


There is a critical backlog of infrastructure projects required across Asia-Pacific in all areas of our economy including transport, energy, mining, water, urban development and other community infrastructure. Balancing community and stakeholder expectations with delivering these projects is important. There is also the challenge of utilising scarce people resources in this industry as well as public and private funding constraints.

BRS works with a range of infrastructure organisations ranging from engineering consultancy companies servicing this industry through to construction and infrastructure companies that deliver projects. We also advise government, mining and resources clients on how to deliver value for money outcomes from their infrastructure investment. We work on a range of areas including balancing delivery with developing people at all levels, ensuring projects are set up for success in addition, assisting to win major project bids for consortiums and joint ventures.


The expectations of the community on all levels of government have risen significantly. Performance requirements and levels of accountability have increased and agencies at federal, state and local levels find themselves needing to deliver outstanding efficiency while meeting multiple, often conflicting, stakeholder expectations. Building capability and improved performance through robust key performance measures, leadership development, clear and open strategies and organisational re-design has become critical.

BRS work with a wide array of agencies across all of our service lines. Our industry knowledge has come from a number of our employees working in the various government sectors holding senior roles prior to working with BRS.

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