Since leaving corporate life four and a half years ago, I have been very focused on building a great business in BRS.  It has been a business focused on a niche in our key industries of government, infrastructure and government providing specialised services to organisations, projects and people.

We have enjoyed building this business and it has been very successful.  Great clients, opportunities to learn and grow and terrific outcomes achieved.  On top of this, we have built a high performance culture, strong team and entrepreneurial approach to future opportunities.

What has occurred as we have built our business is the shift in thinking about what is possible.  A little over eighteen months ago, we had the choice to either continue to grow BRS as an infrastructure advisory firm or look for other businesses to develop.  That is, stay as a consulting firm or branch in to other markets, platforms and opportunities.  We chose the latter.

What has occurred since then has been amazing.  We developed easyconsult which is all about building consultants in the nontechnical areas of consulting by identifying a niche.  That is, a program that is affordable, tailored for the audience and sharing our Intellectual Property (IP) to develop a great consulting practice.  Disrupting what consulting is and isn’t in an open and transparent manner which has been a black box for many years up unit now.

We have then directed our attention to building government leaders through easygovernment.  Affordable, tailored exclusively for government leaders and again sharing IP in an industry that does not normally see consultants so generous.  It has been very well received.

We have many plans to disrupt other industries, organisations and practices that have not adapted quickly to what is changing in the world.  We aim to have a positive impact on many through this very disruptive approach to really providing outrageous value and shifts that become permanent in those industries in a positive manner.

When asked by a facilitator in that workshop eighteen months ago where we wanted to take BRS given we could do anything after achieving our preferred culture, it took me some time to reflect upon.  I have now landed on what we want to do which is bring new businesses to markets and industries that are craving change, want new ways of doing things and are open to shifts.

It is an exciting way to live disrupting industries and something that we now realise is our purpose for existence. Stay tuned for future businesses that follow the same model!