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Are you a consultant looking for more meaning, more money, more time and more freedom?

We have developed a world class coaching program exclusively for consultants and our vision is to build great consultants in all non-technical areas.

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Whether you are building your own consulting practice or working within one, a career in consulting can be both rewarding and challenging.

You are constantly juggling your time, building relationships, meeting deadlines and striving to deliver great outcomes to your clients. If you are a practice leader or owner, you also have the added pressure of having to constantly build backlog and pipeline to build a sustainable business.

What we have found is that although we are technically great in some areas, there are other areas that we need to learn and improve.

About the Program

  • The intent behind easyconsult is to provide consultants more meaning, more money, more time and more freedom.
  • Our coaching program is accessible online and is highly interactive.
  • We take you on a journey where you receive world class coaching, videos, articles, blogs, access to world-renowned experts through webinars, as well as tools and templates that you can utilise in your own practice.
  • You also have the power to network and collaborate with other like-minded passionate consultants online and face to face.
  • Our program is truly a unique opportunity for consultants to build a successful practice based on proven fundamentals from world class experts.
  • It has been designed by consultants for consultants which is important given we know the challenges that they face.

Our easyconsult program has been integrated into BRS and is utilised with our BRS clients. If you would like to learn more about our online portal, please have a chat with our team on +61 8 8212 5752.

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