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Case Study

Leadership Development Program

  • University of South Australia
  • Leadership, Team & Culture Leadership, Team & Culture

Provision of Life Styles Inventory (LSI) based Leadership Development Program initially with the School Manager group at UniSA. This program formed the basis of a tailored professional learning program developed for the School Manager group with the People, Talent, and Culture Team at UniSA.
This involved individual coaching using the Human Synergistics LSI to embed constructive practices throughout the School Manager group and the teams they lead.

The People, Talent, and Culture Team at UniSA recognised the need for a specific leadership development program designed to meet the unique needs of the School Manager Group. With BRS’ expertise in applying the Human Synergistics framework, we were engaged to facilitate an LSI based project across the School Manager Group. This was to provide specific and measurable information and coaching to participants around their personal styles of thinking, and the resultant behaviours and decision making as experienced within their key professional relationships.

The collective feedback gained from this LSI project was then used to inform the broader development needs of the School Manager Group.

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