When starting our own consulting business, we tend to spend a lot of time focussed on working through which services we are going to provide to our industries, markets and clients.  This is a strong focus of the business plan, our marketing, our pitch and our discussions with others on what we do.

We were no different as a consulting business.  We very much focussed on narrowing our services over time to ensure we played to our strengths.  This was important to do given that our people, our time and energy are finite. 

What I have come to realise is that this is only half of the equation to being successful as a consultant.  It could be argued that the what is even less in terms of importance to your success as opposed to the how.  That is, how you go about your work, your approach to your clients, your culture in your business and what this means in terms of outcomes achieved.

It is interesting how much this is neglected.  I have spoken to other consultant business owners who will openly say culture and how they go about things is about fluff. The warm and fluffy stuff that cannot be quantified.  It does not matter how you work with clients and your people as the bottom line and what we do is far more important to achieving success.  This is not only wrong but ignorant to what drives long term success in business and in life.

The how is the DNA of your consulting business.  How things work, operate and run successfully.  It is the systems, culture, processes and approach to your work with clients and also internally within your business.  It not only allows for things to run smoothly but if done well ensures you can achieve high performance and outstanding success in your chosen field.

It is backed up by evidence and brilliant studies that highlight the key elements that drive and outstanding culture and high performance.  Two great exams of this include the University of NSW High Performance Index and the insync 7 organisational habits that drive high performance.

Tap in to the how and you will unlock the secrets to high performance and long success as a consultant.  Not only will success follow, but the journey will be far more enjoyable and rewarding for your clients, people and stakeholders.