There is always someone in business telling us that world has changed and there is now a paradigm shift. But you know what, this era in history is not that special and the laws of nature don’t change over time.

So here is a couple of basic principles we need to be mindful of:

  • Microsoft, apple and any other of your buddies. Stop trying to think you can change the way we think and control us. Build a service which delivers value and is easy to use. This arrogance that you can force the consumer to play by your terms will not end well.
  • My grandfather was a taxi driver and my other grandfather was a travelling salesman. Both were happy. What is with the ‘awesomeness’ era where if we are not being the ‘best we can be’ and reading the latest ‘self help blog’ then we are not good enough. The reason my grandparents were happy is they enjoyed the basics, loved their families and had their passions that they designed their lives around.
  •  AFL – stop changing stuff for the sake of change. Just because you want to sit in focus groups brainstorming new ways to change the game, it is not what we want. The everyday punter out there just wants mullets, characters, physicality and long direct footy.
  • Politicians – stop talking to advisors, focus groups and using marketing slogans that lack substance. Get back to the passion that got you into politics and fight for what you believe. When did the patriots get replaced by PR robots.

I am not advocating resistance to change. Most people who know me say I am a change advocate. Innovation is critical but the basics don’t change and they need to be respected. The fundamentals of running a good business are still the same and hasn’t changed for 4000 years – clarity of thought, good products, exceptional leadership, delivery superior value and manage your costs. Rebrand it how you want but the wise understand and respect history.