When working with leadership teams or bid consortium teams pursuing large projects, there is a need to be able to quickly identify the level of speed in the organisation or the project right from the start.  How fast does this vehicle run?  Is there trust between individuals, within the organisation and between the consortium members?  How deep and solid are the relationships between individuals and organisations that will drive and achieve success?

The paradigm around this is that the level of trust within a leadership or bid team directly determines the level of speed.  The speed around decisiveness, confidence to execute key activities, the ability to identify key messages, areas of focus as well as the previous experience of working together.

Trust = speed

Trust is also the main determinant for outstanding bottom line performance, exceptional delivery, great relationships and strong partnering and collaboration.  I know of nothing that is more important to achieving success both professionally and personally.  Without it, people will not work with you, buy from you or give you their support, business or confidence.

Focus on building the level of trust between individuals and organisations, challenge where it is low and ensure that candid conversations are and can be had.    Build the trust, focus on deepening the relationships with care and candour and watch the momentum build towards a high performing team capable of delivering on your strategic plan or your major bid opportunity.

Watch your vehicle take off, delivery improve and your chances of success increase exponentially.  This is a key principle in business that should not be taken for granted because it is simple.  Most brilliant insights are.