I often coach or work with people who are opinionated.  I love opinionated people because you know where you stand.

But what fascinates me is that all too often people who are opinionated don’t like being held accountable for their opinions.  If they say something that damages a relationship or erodes trust they act like they should have an immunity card in that they can say whatever they want without accepting the consequences.

I encourage people to have an opinion but if you ‘put it out there’ then you need to accept that some people won’t like what you say or may even want to question your intent.  Whether you like it or not we all have moments of self-interest and misunderstanding, so if your opinion is misguided then others will lose trust in you.

If you do like being opinionated then aim to move away from a victimising mindset when challenged by others. Take accountability and remain open to other people’s differences in opinions.