One of the items I have mentioned briefly in previous blogs is the concept that your time and energy is finite.  Further, I have explored the notion that where you put your time and energy determines your level of effectiveness.

To break this down further, every interaction you have with people will either take energy away from you or give you energy.  Energy givers or takers are always not always recognisable from a distance but you soon pick up where the energy is going to flow once people start interacting with you. 

Energy vampires will blame, complain and talk to you about their problems, how others are letting them down or why they find themselves in the difficult situations they are in.  It is hard work talking to them as you generally listen more than you speak.  The conversation is generally one that you are looking to exit at the earliest opportunity.

Energy givers have the opposite effect.  They ask a lot of questions and listen attentively to what you have been up to.  They are encouraging and see the positives in where they are at but also where they are wanting to be.  They are very good at taking personal responsibility, using “we” rather than “I” language to acknowledge their successes and also tend to build you up rather than pull you down with their words.  The conversation is enjoyable and stimulating and one that you leave not only learning something but also filled with positive energy for the remainder of the day.

This notion is important in ensuring you go home filled with energy rather than being completely drained, tired and wondering why.  Your energy levels are important and can be managed to their optimum.  The challenge is to minimise time with the energy takers and really identify who are the positive people that give you energy.  Once you do this, you are able to use this as a powerful force for who you spend time with but also identify when you are at your most creative.

We are able to choose who we spend our time with.  Would you let someone with dirty shoes come in to your house and deliberately soil your carpets?  Why then do we consciously allow people to take our energy away through their interactions with us?   Ask yourself this fundamental question:  Do I feel drained after I’ve met with that person or invigorated?  This one question could add a lot to your enjoyment.