When talking assets in a business or personally, we tend to associate the most important ones with cash, stock, goodwill or people.  Things we can see, touch, feel or put a barcode on.  They’re assets aren’t they?  Good solid bricks and mortar.  We can put a number on them so they must be the most valuable things we have?

These assets are nowhere near as important as a positive and growth orientated mindset from you and your leaders.  It is important to understand what has conditioned you a certain way based on your past including family, environments, work places and influences.  Every person views the world differently from these experiences.  Self-awareness and an understanding of how this affects your leadership style then becomes the trigger for growth, improvement and greater effectiveness.

From here, a personal change process can occur.

  1. The identification of triggers, events and reasons as to why you respond and act the way you do.
  2. A greater focus on becoming more effective using your time and energy to its optimum rather than working longer hours and using ineffective styles to achieve results.
  3. Specific actions and measures are put in place to achieve a more constructive style.

Once you harness this, you can literally achieve anything.  As Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can or can’t, you probably will”.  An open mind with a focused leadership coaching program enables this process to occur.  Understand your current mindset, link it to awareness and the sky is the limit!