In March 2012, we as a team made the decision to set up a BRS blog.   The original purpose of setting this blog up was to educate our clients on a range of topics that related to the services that we provide.  This purpose has driven some great articles, insights and contributions from BRS staff as well as our clients and followers of the blog.

A little over twelve months later, we are now celebrating the writing of our one hundredth blog.   We have been writing a blog on average twice a week.   Given that none of us had written a blog or few articles before we commenced the BRS blog, this has been an outstanding achievement not only to write them regularly but continue this as a regular practice which is now an important part of our BRS DNA.

There is something to be said for challenging ourselves personally and professionally to put things out there, have an opinion and assist others through providing insights on areas we are passionate about.  This has been combined with having a passion for bringing people, projects and organisations to life in a manner that focusses on doing it the right way through our writing.

What we did not anticipate at the time of starting the blog was the other benefits that would accrue from writing a blog which have included:

  • Writing a blog is a great way to reflect on experiences, insights and lessons learnt over our journey;
  • Writing a blog has allowed everyone to contribute at BRS.  Nearly everyone in our team has either written a blog or assisted in the development of blogs.   This notion of it being a team effort has been an important part of driving our regular blog posts;
  • Our blogs have allowed us to discuss, debate and engage with our clients and followers.   This engagement has been terrific and led to great opportunities to challenge our thinking;
  • We use our blogs to engage with clients prior to our session and to assist with our coaching.  This has been an unexpected benefit that assists both our clients and us;
  • Writing regular blogs has challenged our thinking around what is possible.  We are now looking at writing books, speaking more and contributing to other blogs and magazines due to us pushing ourselves out of our initial comfort zone; and
  • Writing a blog has allowed potential clients who want to potentially work with BRS in the future to understand how we think, operate and work.  To me, this has acted as a screening process in ensuring there is a right fit between BRS and clients to ensure we are both aligned on how we like to work.  This is extremely valuable for both parties.

I would like to conclude this blog by saying thank you.  Thank you to our clients for providing insights, opportunities through projects and wisdom to allow us to write regular blogs.  Thank you to our team for the passion in maintaining the discipline and commitment to writing regularly and challenging comfort zones to put forward ideas, thoughts and insights.  Thank you to our followers of our blogs for their contributions, feedback and comments.  You have all given us the gift through writing regularly of learning, improving and helping others which has helped BRS.

We look forward to continuing this journey and the next hundred!