It is challenging times for most leaders, staff and organisations.    We are going through unprecedented times of change, new technology, outsourcing, globalisation and other factors.

When presented with these challenges, we can often feel overwhelmed, frustrated and wondering why these things are happening to us.   What have I done for this to occur?  Why is this happening to me or my organisation?  Why can’t things stay the same or be constant for a little while?

I think we need to flip this thinking and mindset on its head.    The pace of change and disruption will continue to occur and I think will increase in the future.   Not only will it continue to occur but how you respond will be the difference between you achieving success and not whatever that might mean for you.

To highlight the reasoning for this, one of Charles Darwin’s quotes is a favourite of mine:

“It is not the strongest or intelligent of species that survive but the one most adaptable to change”.

This ability to be adaptable if very relevant for us as human beings.   It means viewing change in its various forms in an entirely different light.  Rather than seeing it as a threat or being fearful of it, perhaps the approach is to ask yourself the following questions when presented with it:

  • What is the lesson from this change occurring for me?
  • What opportunities could I gain from this experience?
  • What are the challenges teaching me from this experience?
  • How can I add value to others from this occurring?
  • How can I help others through these challenges?

The other key point that is the title of this blog is that good people are not immune to change or bad things occurring to them.  Bad things happen to good people.  The true measure of success is to look at how you turn the manure you have been presented with and turn it in to your own flowers.  Not only will you grow and flourish but you will be stronger for the experience.