While 2022 has only just begun, already the hangover of a Covid impacted 2021 can be felt. As we re-connect with leaders we coach across all levels of various industry sectors, there are common observations consistent across them all….”I do not feel as refreshed or re-energised as I normally do after the Xmas NY break”, “COVID has not gone away, it is still disrupting my world”…..and significantly, “I don’t know if I have the energy to lead my team through another tough year?” Sound familiar?

The Xmas and New Year break was different this year. As the world came to terms with “living” with Covid, the reality presented an unexpected stop/start, go/no go reality of uncertainty, fear and insecurities. This led to many not having the same freedom to truly relax at a time of the year which is so critical for people to switch off, reset and recharge heading in to a new year. What actually happened through the break is that people remained highly engaged and to a degree, highly stressed. They didn’t get the opportunity to rejuvenate and recharge their batteries heading in to 2022.

My reflection is not to assess or pass judgement on individuals or this environment, but more to be aware of the impact this will have on your people both personally and professionally and how we can help leaders, organisations and teams refocus, recharge and navigate successfully through this uncertainty towards a path of satisfaction.

As Leadership Coaches, we help leaders and teams to be the best they can be in living a constructive life and being effective leaders for their teams, organisations and projects. If a leader is not at their best, there is no way the team will be at their best. The shadow of the leader casts far and wide. We want the shadow to be a constructive one.

To help leaders be their best, we develop an insightful awareness of self through the coaching process. This includes understanding foundations of belief, values, strengths, biases, habits, stressors, challenges – ultimately what motivates behaviour as a leader. The link between our thinking and our response is critical in this coaching journey as this is the critical ingredient in choosing to be more constructive in our responses. This self-discovery serves to refocus leaders with awareness, acceptance and clarity. It re-energises them with a sense of purpose and passion to grow in a more constructive manner.

At the same time, we engage the team to develop an understanding of how leader’s behaviour is translated by the team and others, how they relate, interact, problem solve, deal with pressure and complexity, make decisions and ultimately lead and inspire. This open and constructive reflection creates the opportunity for a leader to truly connect thoughts and their responses, while re-energising the team through a commitment to be better and more effective together.

The Human Synergistics Lifestyles Inventory and Leadership Impact tools provide an evidence-based platform to facilitate this incredible insight into a leaders own thinking and behaviour and enable them to be Constructive Leaders who engage, refocus and recharge themselves and their team.

Constructive leadership is critical in these “unprecedented times” of uncertainty and anxiety – the goal is around creating a positive and supportive team culture in order to connect, empower and embrace the vulnerabilities of teams.

At BRS, we help leaders at all levels – Board, MD and CEO, C Suite Executive and GM level, as well as key future leaders and high potential team members to progress from task management to people and culture leadership. 2022 is a critical time to invest in adapting leadership styles and this can be achieved through engaging your leaders in a coaching journey towards satisfaction and effectiveness.

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