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Rob McKay


Areas of Expertise

  • Alliance Coaching
  • Bid Strategy & Coaching
  • Strategy & Business Planning
  • Change Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership Development

"My passion is for helping people grow. Helping people and teams achieve things they did not think possible. I remember my first boss saying to me, "Always ask yourself if you’re growing?" if the answer is No, fix it. This has been a driver throughout my leadership journey. As a leader our role is to work through the filters of complexity to keep things as simple as possible. Relationships are critical and are built on a foundation of trust built through honesty, integrity and respect in all interactions and conversations. Trust delivers the ultimate commitment to help people grow."

Rob is a highly experienced and trusted leader with a broad range of global experience.   He applies his strong business acumen to transform businesses by cutting through complexity to drive simplicity and results. Rob excels in delivering results for clients by quickly identifying their strategy and opportunities for growth and transforming their brand to translate to the market.

Rob works extensively to coach and advise bid teams, Alliances and projects to achieving successful outcomes.  Having held senior leadership positions with various organisations, he is known for his passion and ability to create and drive a customer centric culture whilst balancing commercial business needs.  He has lead large scale strategic change initiatives across large and complex customer driven organisations.  His focus is on creating cultures where understanding, delivering and exceeding customer needs drives every decision.  Whilst change management is a core skill set, leadership, strategy, brand and culture form the foundations of his expertise.

A natural coach and mentor of all leaders, Rob is passionate about the growth of people, teams and organisations. With a leadership journey that has progressed from front line to top line, he understands the challenges that all leaders face within organisations and coaches them to achieve their results.   He has a strong belief that organisational, team and leaders results all start, happen and end with culture.

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