Undertaking any kind of 360° feedback can be scary.  Who wants to look at not only how they rate themselves but what other people really think of them?  That niggling voice in the back of your head might ask “What if everyone hates me?”

Well, chances are they don’t – but you may be surprised with the results.  In fact, your manager, colleagues, friends and even family could be seeing you in quite a different way to how you think you are coming across.

It’s all too tempting when you get any kind of 360° feedback to delve right into fixing what other people think.  However, the best thing to do is to acknowledge the feedback, but take another deeper look at your self feedback and what it is really telling you.  This is true for most diagnostics and profiling tools, but none so much as with the Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory and the LSI1.  The LSI looks at the thoughts and motivators that guide your behaviours.  It never ceases to amaze me how many of our clients will be shocked to discover that they should be investing their effort into their LSI1 (self description) over their LSI2 (feedback form others) results.  By working towards more constructive behaviours in the LSI1, they will find that not only will they increase their constructive behaviours in the LSI1, but will see an improvement in the LSI2 as well.

I encourage you to put aside the LSI2 and take another look at your LSI1 if you have completed one, or any other 360° feedback you may have completed and see where you can make some changes  in yourself to improve your effectiveness if you desire.  By making a commitment to improving gradually over time with yourself, some long term sustainable results can unfold that can be seen by not only yourself, but others around you. Consider it a successful by-product of self-improvement!