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Erin Petrys

Proposal Manager

Areas of Expertise

  • Bid Strategy & Management
  • High Performance Strategy & Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development & Culture Transformation
  • Proposal & Tender Development & Management
  • Pre-Contracts and Commercials
  • Strategic Pursuits & Client Management

"I love building relationships with people and finding ways that people can work together to successfully deliver personal, project and organisational priorities. Working with clients to enable them to grow and change their teams and organisations is hugely rewarding and at BRS we focus on a win/win approach for everyone involved."

Erin works with organisations and projects on designing and driving high performance solutions and outcomes. As a highly collaborative and affiliative proposal manager, Erin works with our clients to develop solutions to their challenges and identifying opportunities for growth and improvement, whilst balancing commercial and cultural objectives. Having previously worked on large high profile infrastructure, resources and security integration bids in both Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East, she understands the unique challenges that organisations and projects face and brings this experience to winning bids and transitioning to successful project delivery, all whilst maintaining day to day operations.

With a passion for culture, organisational transformation and a solutions focus mindset, Erin is able to use her experience with major projects and organisations to focus on the activities that achieve the greatest outcomes for success. Her highly affiliative nature lends itself to people and their development, and Erin’s coaching style is one of compassion that focuses on stretch targets with clearly defined actions and self-accountability measures that ensure results. She is also focused on driving employee engagement and buy in at all levels of an organisation of selling the strategy and big picture vision and designing actions to ensure that the vision is achieved.

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