One of the areas I am always intrigued when working with leaders is what motivates them?  Are they driven by serving others, adding value and having a positive impact?  The alternative is to be driven by beating others, status, keeping others happy, worrying what others think and avoiding the subsequent conflict.

One of the differences around the two scenarios is where your energy is directed.  One scenario above is driven by the intrinsic motivation to improve yourself, help others and add value to others.  The other scenario is driven by factors which are more focussed on what others think, external validation through the need to please or beat others. 

Intrinsic motivation allows you to drive towards satisfaction, fulfilment, build relationships, develop others and improve every day.  It is a path towards excellence through daily improvement, a focus on your effort, positive intention and path towards success.

Extrinsic motivation is a never ending circle of constantly meeting the needs of others for your own validation.  You are never every going to please, beat and meet the need of others.  It is a path of non-fulfilment causing a lot of pain, worry and stress.  It is also hard on the heart.

It is worth examining this concept further.  Where are you directing your energy?  To an external source that you will never meet in terms of expectations or an internal source that grows and improves you?  Time and energy are two of the most important assets you have; direct them towards your satisfaction and improvement.  At the same time, watch your energy levels soar as you also achieve success!