When I was in my 20s and early 30s, I spent alot of time focussed on chasing achievements.  The next promotion, award, recognition, pay rise or other various forms of validation drove a lot of my motivation.  It was a little like chasing the end of the rainbow.  Really appealing and looks fantastic but does not exist in real life.  That is, you can never find it but there is there constant feeling of chasing it.

On reflection, at the same time, I was part of corporate organisations both in the private and public sector.   I found that when I was in these organisations, it drove this focus on the next goal, milestone, promotion or achievement.  The internal competition, need to validate yourself drives an approach that means that you often forget why we are here.

So why are we here?  To accumulate awards? To prove to others we can do the job, deliver an outcome, or receive external recognition?  I am not saying that these are not important to some but are they the only reason we do what we do?   That was very much my view up until five years ago.  It tended to define who I felt I was and my worth.

So what has changed for me in the last five years?  My focus has changed.  I still believe in achieving goals but not to the determinant of enjoying the journey.  I now live and enjoy experiences.  A new experience is a great thing.  I try new things. I look for ways to spend more time with people that are positive and who matter.  These experiences provide a richer perspective on the goals achieved because it has been more enjoyable along the way.

For the journey.  New experiences.  With people that matter.