People often make excuses or act like victims when they don’t get the opportunities they want. Whether this opportunity is the ability to work on a challenging project, get promoted or simply learn, too often we find people blaming their peers or boss for a missed opportunity.

This victimisation occurs in all areas of life particularly in sporting environments where players get upset when a coach doesn’t select them in the team.  Whilst some react to their missed selection well, others perceive that the coach has treated them harshly rather than reviewing their own inputs, work ethic and gaps in the game.

In my experience successful people select themselves.  What I mean by this is that they work hard, take ownership, look to learn and grow, whilst focusing on outcomes.  They don’t rely on talent rather, they trust in their mindset and work ethic to the degree that they will eventually succeed even if they have short term setbacks.

If you are blaming your boss for your lack of growth then there is a good chance that you have given up your personal sense of ownership and have become a follower rather than a leader.  Successful people don’t rely on their bosses’ to create an environment for them to succeed, they take ownership for their career and ensure their own success.

Leaders don’t expect someone else to make a path for them to succeed, nor do they expect anything from others.  Leaders are 100% accountable for their progress and ultimately their success.

Are you a victim or are you a leader?