All too often we get caught up thinking that to be great leaders we need to inspire, or to impress.  It’s a romantic view of leadership that looks at charisma as the cornerstone of leadership.

However in reality for a majority of success stories the leaders are ones who focus on doing the little things really well.  They are the ones who never miss a sports training, are always to work on time, who plan at the start of every week (not just occasionally), who read books to better their craft, who are constantly learning, and who are constantly listening.

Great leaders know that success is a process, not a moment of brilliance.  They know that success is a patience game and a persistence game, not a great idea in the middle of the night.   Great leaders are sometimes quiet and don’t need to be the centre of attention, but who are the ones who consistently set the standards and lead with their actions.

Great leaders are team players who pick their team mate up when they are down, and always put their team first.

Great leaders build success over time.