One of the things I have observed in most of the companies I have worked for or consulted to was that when it comes to safety they are very committed to ensure you don’t get injured.  Whether it be wearing protective clothing, inductions, fire warden training etc.. most Australian companies are getting better and better at ensuring we don’t get hurt at work.

However the last time I checked more people died from heart attack, cancer or other illnesses than getting hurt at work.

So congratulations to our organisations focus on ensuring we don’t hurt our people.  The next step in our evolution in organisation safety is towards self-actualisation with a focus on overall well-being.    Whilst you can’t control what your people eat outside of work, whether they exercise or what is going in their personal life, you can control the emphasis and focus that you place on self-leadership and building a constructive culture which encourages well-being and genuine concern for people’s welfare.  Teaching them the skills to also living a healthy and fulfilled life is the path towards exceptional well-being.