I came across this article the other day which has some fantastic advice for consultants generally and how we need to reinvent the manner in which we work.

The original basis for the article came from Rupert Murdoch who tweeted the following:

“Newscorp sad case of damage by ignorant consultants. Fast being repaired by infusion of experienced managers”

I find this extremely refreshing in terms of honesty and sage advice for all of us as consultants.  Gone are the days where it is good enough to just write a nice report.  Not only does it create fear within the organisation but it also creates a culture of ‘this is being done to us’ rather than taking ownership for the challenges and the subsequent solutions.

It also requires us as consultants to work with the current team to leverage and tap in to their industry and organisation knowledge and turn this into strategies that are evidence based, insightful and can be executed.  It means we not only should be looking at the task of the strategic review but how we take people along for the journey so the impact of any review undertaken is positive and sustainable.

Well done to Rupert for calling it as he sees it. Leo D’Angelo Fisher from BRW has taken this tweet and expanded on it extremely well in the article above. Take the time to read it and let’s ask ourselves the tough questions as to whether we work with our clients in the right manner to really add value and deliver outstanding outcomes. The journey is far more insightful than the destination!