We spend a lot of time being busy, achieving tasks and also looking to maximise our time and effectiveness.   All in the pursuit of milestones, awards, recognition and the next big challenge.   These pursuits can be noble, grow and develop us as well as allow us to help others.  Lots of tasks and significant activity that can be frenetic at times.

When on the plane as I journalled away, the question I was reflecting upon was what activities did I derive the greatest enjoyment from?    A hard question to answer when consumed by busyness.  It was not something I had pondered before but it got me thinking around what I love to do.

I started to write down a list of activities.    I love spending time with my partner, children, family, good friends and great clients who challenge me and have fun.  Playing golf with mates, an afternoon at the races and barbecues during summer.  Developing  new services, innovation and concepts with inspiring co-workers and colleagues who aren’t afraid to challenge and have a laugh.     The enjoyment of teaching others through blogs, one on ones, speaking engagements, conferences and other forums.

As I reflected on my list, a consistent theme was evident.  People and relationships was the cornerstone of all that I enjoy.    Even though I can get consumed by delivering significant levels of activity, the cornerstone of my satisfaction came down to quality people and depth of interaction with them.

Going deep rather than wide with those that truly matter to you and those that you enjoy spending time with is a great way to live life. Not with everyone but those that you love, that stimulate you and you are challenged by.    Spending a bit longer with a fantastic client to have a laugh, not getting in to work early for the sake of it so you can have breakfast with your family and regularly ringing those friends you have not seen for a while to check in with their lives are all things I will be doing more of.   Not scheduling back to back meetings, saying no to things up front that are not important to me will be a couple of ways that I will achieve this.

Enjoying the journey is a noble gesture but it is a lonely sport without doing it with good company.    The more important someone is to you, the stronger the relationships should be.    It is not a numbers but a deep connection game.