I spend my time working with people on large infrastructure projects or with organisations.    We focus on improvement, creating a high performance environment along with ensuring that we are increasing the probability of successfully delivering objectives on a project or the strategic vision of an organisation.

It is an enormous privilege to do this work.   You meet fantastic people, see best practice in the area of culture and high performance as well as learn and grow in many areas personally and professionally.  I love the work and am committed to helping where I can.  There are a lot of “proud parent” and learning and growth moments.

I had one of these moments in the last couple of weeks.  I have been working with an overseas client who was looking at how they could revitalise and engage the project team around their project objectives and key result areas that were critical for success for this project.  They were prepared to do something different and unconventional to really challenge the project team to get them out of their comfort zone and collaborate with others across the team. 

This transpired to holding an event based on the popular television program the X Factor.   Small teams formed to present to judges (I was Britney!) on how they had achieved outstanding outcomes against our key result areas that benefitted the project. The challenge was focussed on presenting a powerful win or outcome they had achieved on the project with others to their fellow project team members.   Use of props, humour and creativity was encouraged.   Nothing was off limits including bribery of judges and sending up senior management!

The heats and finals were run.    All levels of the project team from different disciplines actively contributed.  We heard about brilliant design concepts to save money, automation of manual processes to achieve time and programme savings, safety initiatives that streamlined potential risks and other initiatives that ensured our stakeholders were engaged and excited about the project.  The major benefits from this exercise did not come from what was presented or even the outcomes achieved.   It was the journey.  The picking up of knowledge from the rest of the team listening to the presentations, the relationships developed through the process and the appreciation that we are contributing to objectives as one team.

Some great lessons learnt for all organisations and projects from this exercise.  Hats off for the boldness, the willingness to challenge the team to push them out of their comfort zone and the ability to have some fun for what was a serious exercise in linking everyone to the bigger picture.  Thank you for the privilege to be involved.

We all need to keep pushing the limits, bringing out the X factor in our staff and looking at how we connect everyone to our big picture!  You just may have a “proud parent” moment as part of the process and unlock some insights that are game changers for your project or organisation.