We are all manic, busy, checking emails, taking phone calls and trying to please everyone.  We are busier than we have ever been before but I would argue that we are less significant in what we achieve because of the reactive state we find ourselves in a lot of the time.

To highlight this point, I spend a significant amount of time in leadership meetings and workshops and see emails being checked, phones being answered and people not being in the moment.  Leaders are losing the opportunity to really engage with their colleagues and build the relationships necessary to build trust, work through things that matter and provide the focus and direction that is required by organisations.

There is a difference between being busy and being productive.   Ticking off tasks is different to achieving meaningful outcomes and having an impact which is largely driven through people.  How can you really make a significant difference in your organisation?   Are you devoting time with your clients on these areas or relationships that would achieve positive shifts?

So what is the best way to assess this?  Check your calendar and review where your time goes.  The evidence does not lie, nor does the past as it is a predictor of future performance.  Does your diary reflect where your priorities need to be?  If not, get good at planning, get focused on your big rocks that will have an impact and let the pebbles go.