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Newsletter February 2020

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2020! We hope everyone had a terrific Summer break as we move in to another very busy year for our clients in delivering on their infrastructure projects.

Our newsletter this month is focused on culture, including topics ranging from the importance of measuring your culture, the impact your managers have on your organisation and our new partnership with Teamgage. We would also like to introduce you to two of our newest BRS team members!

Measuring your culture through the OCI/OEI tools

Organisational culture encompasses multiple elements such as expectations, values, behaviours and philosophies that contribute to the working environment of an organisation.  This has a significant impact on the way people interact, the way organisations operate and how decisions are made.  A non-constructive culture can have a significant impact on the long term performance and effectiveness of organisations and individuals.

BRS specialises in developing and achieving a constructive organisational culture that drives engagement, innovation and high performance through the use of the Human Synergistic Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI) Organisation Effectiveness Indicator (OEI) diagnostic tools.  Our highly qualified consultants are passionate about helping organisations achieve positive and sustainable changes in their constructive cultures.  These tools work by measuring the current culture of your organisation in terms of expected behaviours and by identifying your perceived ideal culture. This is helpful to identify and understand employees thinking and behavioural styles to implement change initiatives that will work towards building a constructive culture.

To highlight this through a case study, following our initial engagement as an alliance coach for the Northern Corridor Improvement in New Zealand, BRS further assisted the alliance with the provision of services to support the transition into the next phase of the project. An important focus to the successful transition was the development of a constructive culture that delivered on highly successful project outcomes.  The OCI and OEI was a pivotal tool in contributing to the formation of a highly constructive alliance culture that should set the Alliance up for success for the long term.

For further information about the Northern Corridor Improvement Delivery Phase visit the case study link below:

Northern Corridor Improvement Delivery Phase

Impact of your managers on your people and culture

The strategies and behaviours that leaders and managers employ is an important contributing factor to organisational culture. The development of effective leadership within an organisation is critical to employee engagement, performance and the overall success of an organisation.

BRS have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that leaders face, and offer coaches that are experienced and skilled in empowering leaders to lead constructively. BRS takes an action driven, results focused approach to coaching that utilises the Human Synergstics framework to balance both the people and task aspects of coaching.

BRS have been working closely with the City of Tea Tree Gully in South Australia to provide support to their management team below their Executive Team. This has allowed them to become aware of their impact on others, understanding the contribution this has to culture and the effectiveness of organisation, team and individual performance. We have used the Human Synergistics Management Impact tool with the wider management team to support other work undertaken within the Executive team using the Human Synergistics Leadership Impact tool. These two tools work very well together in ensuring there is an aligned approach to leadership and management effectiveness across an organisation.

For more information about how the Human Synergistics Management Impact tool may be able to assist your management team, please visit the case study link below and have a read Nathan Hayes’s recent blog.

Management Impact Case Study

Management Impact Blog

Teamgage Partnership

BRS are excited to announce we have recently partnered with Teamgage to provide team engagement services to our clients and projects. Teamgage offer clients a simple, innovative alternative to culture and engagement surveys. BRS are renowned for our results driven approach in improving employee engagement and this unique partnership allows us to further strengthen our ability to support organisations to bring about positive, measurable change for their people through culture improvement. Teamgage is an interactive platform that gathers feedback in the present moment and is designed to create a constructive culture that is focused on continuous improvement.

For more information on what Teamgage offer, please visit their website at:

Talk to us!

If you would like to learn more about the different types of tools we use to help organisations measure and improve their culture, please feel free to have a chat to Erin on +61 8 8212 5752. They are both very familiar with all the tools we use and will be able to provide you with some guidance as to how what tools are best suited to your team and/or organisation.

Welcome to our newest team members!

Kevin Whelan

We are delighted to announce that Kevin Whelan has joined our team as an Associate. Kevin brings almost 25 years of leadership experience to BRS. He spent more than 15 years at a global finance company in a variety of management positions focused on the automotive industry where he developed a specialised Finance, Insurance and Compliance training program, relief services for dealerships and an in-dealership consultancy programs throughout Australia.

He then moved into the energy industry where he established several market leading finance businesses where he oversaw the day to day running of the business and established frameworks for credit licensing, risk, compliance, accounting, business development, information technology as well as all of the ASIC and regulatory requirements imposed on financial institutions and its channel partners.

Kevin’s areas of expertise are strategy and business planning, change management, continuous improvement, commercial support and a range of other areas.

Most weekend’s you will find Kevin on the beach at Brighton with his family where he is either on patrol, training the youth and nippers or competing.

Kasia Rosa

Kasia Rosa has also recently joined the BRS Team as a consultant in Adelaide. With a strong academic background in finance, business administration and project management, Kasia brings experience in implementing organisation-wide change initiatives, re-engineering business processes and financial structures and initiating cultural innovations to enable digital transformation and growth across companies.

Being highly passionate about organisations impact on local communities, Kasia is naturally drawn to companies with strong social purpose and dedicated her career to helping such organisations to innovate, deliver and grow.

After work she immerses herself with another rewarding task of bringing up a family on a hobby farm in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. She is a registered beekeeper, passionate gardener and a fanatic sour-dough bread baker. In the spare time, she is busy exploring magical places around the world.

For more information on both Kevin and Kasia and what skills they bring to our team please go to our team page on our website at the following link:

BRS Our Team

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Tea Tree Gully Management Impact

Management Impact Debrief and coaching of City of Tea Tree Gully Managers utilising the Human Synergistics framework and tools.

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