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Newsletter August 2022

Hello from the BRS Team!

We hope you and your families are all well and that your people and organisations are thriving as we all return to a new sense of normal.

It’s been a very busy few months for our team, who have all been out and about with our clients and back travelling again. We have found that our clients are enjoying having the flexibility of mixed model approach between online and face to face delivery, and this is working well for our team also. There are so many benefits of a mixed-model approach, including more cost effective outcomes for our clients.  We will continue to provide the mixed model approach to our clients in ensuring that we are delivering the right service in the right manner in a best for our clients approach.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee as it has been some time since we posted a newsletter, so we are very excited to provide some exciting updates below.

Our Online Courses are Up and Running!

Many of our clients have asked….and we are very excited to say that we are now delivering…

Online courses to the public!

We have delivered hundreds of training courses over the years on various topics, and they have always been tailored to your organisations. Following an increasing demand from our clients to offer public courses tailored specifically for the infrastructure industry, we are very excited to announce that we are now offering the following courses online:

We’ve included all the details regarding the content included in each course, who should attend, when they will be run and the cost on our website. So please visit our Online Courses to learn more.

All of our online courses will be facilitated live by one of our BRS team members and we have tried to schedule our modules within each course to accommodate participants located across Australia and New Zealand.  Further, to ensure you continue to receive the same intimate BRS learning experience we will be limiting the attendees to 20 participants per course.

With each course you will also receive access to our Learning Management System, that includes all the pre-reading, agendas, workbooks, slides, quizzes, certificates of completion and supplementary tools and templates. We also record the modules within your training course so that you can re-watch them at a later date!  You will have access to these valuable resources post the training for a 12 month period.

If you are looking to an alternative to running an in house course, and only have one, or a few individuals you would like to have attend one of our courses, this is an affordable option for you and your organisation.

As we continue to build momentum around our online courses we will be expanding the types of courses we offer and scheduling them more frequently. We are really excited about this new offering and look forward to seeing how they go!

To see our schedule of courses, course information and to register, please visit Online Courses

BRS' Learning Management System

We have been using our Learning Management System (LMS) for nearly four years, and had thousands of participants engage with our team and workshop facilitators through this portal. We have received terrific feedback regarding our LMS and how the content we include enhances the learning experience. Not only is the LMS a great resource and repository of information that supports the online learning experience, but it has also proven to be very beneficial in supporting face to face delivery options.

For those followers who aren’t familiar with our LMS, this is an online portal that we use to support our online and face to face training programs. Our typical LMS set up includes access to:

  • Workshop / training agenda
    Pre-reading materials
  • Workshop / training slides
  • Recordings of the sessions that you can view post the workshop
  • Relevant client and BRS templates, tools and articles
  • Quiz surveys to test the participant’s learning
  • Certificates of completion for workshops
  • Interactive forums for Q&A between participants and the facilitator

The simplicity of our LMS and ease of use provides a flexible option for our clients to have a shared space to ensure the participants make the most of their learning experience.  To learn more about our LMS, please visit Learning Management System.

National Alliancing Contracting Policy and Guidelines

A fantastic resource for our Clients who work on Alliances

One of the challenges our clients face when working on Alliances is how you set them up for success in the right way when they are awarded and you are up and running.  What do you need to kick off first, how do I get the governance right and how do we mobilise the right way are some of the common questions we get asked as Alliance coaches.  These are all good questions and are relevant whether you are in the Interim Project Alliance Agreement (IPAA) or Project Alliance Agreement (PAA) phase of an Alliance and are relevant whether you are a project or programme alliance.

To assist you in this area and with your questions, there is a terrific resource called the National Alliancing Contracting Policy and Guidelines.

The National Alliance Contracting Policy and Guidelines have been developed to promote knowledge, best practice, and give rise to cost savings by creating a consistent national alliance contracting standard, whilst ensuring the existing benefits of alliancing are maintained.  On this website, you will find a raft of valuable resources which include:

  • Why clients choose the alliancing model
  • How to develop a governance plan
  • Setting up a Target Outturn Cost (TOC) process
  • Language and acronyms around alliancing
  • Designing your alliance charter and alliance principles to drive the right behaviours
  • Detailed activities around each phase of an alliance
  • Many more resources

Kym will be providing a blog in the next couple of weeks on this topic which will go into more detail around this valuable resource and how this can assist our clients set their Alliances up for success.  Stay tuned!

One on One Coaching for your People

The demand for one on one coaching sessions facilitated by BRS team members has also increased significantly over the past year with many of our clients. Leaders and managers within their organisations now, more than ever have a greater appreciation for the importance of having an independent, accredited coaching practitioner working one on one with their team members to optimise their development and performance.

The intent of our one on one coaching sessions is to develop leaders and managers who can effectively influence culture and increase performance by providing them with the skills that leaders face today, including:

  • Leading people constructively through continuous change and challenges
  • Having to achieve more by increasing their effectiveness and being innovative
  • Increasing accountability and performance measures to create ownership and responsibility
  • Overcoming personal and professional fears by increasing self-confidence and building confidence in others
  • Developing constructive behaviours to improve mindset and wellbeing
  • Managing up and taking full responsibility for all outcomes
  • Breaking down silos to improve collaboration across teams, functions or departments
  • Communicating successfully and effectively by engaging people at all levels to form a team culture of motivation and empowerment
  • Successfully managing under performance through crucial conversations
  • Remaining resilient through ambiguity and change
  • Lifting performance levels through effective coaching

Our methodology of ‘Coaching Constructively’ has been developed alongside the constructive styles of the Human Synergistics Circumplex to balance both the people and task aspects of coaching.

Most of the coaching provided by BRS team members is to Executive and senior managers, however, we also provide coaching services to other leaders and managers at all levels. About 95% of our one on one coaching is now done virtually, so finding a coach from within the BRS team is now even easier than ever!

To find out more about our coaching process and coaches and how they can develop your leaders and managers, please visit Executive Coaching.

If you’d like to learn more about the tools and reports we use, please visit BRS & Human Synergistics.

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