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Executive Coaching

BRS has worked with our clients for many years and has a deep understanding of the unique challenges that leaders face.

Our Executive Coaches develop leaders’ individual competencies to enable them to lead individuals, teams and organisations in a frequently changing environment.

We develop leaders who can effectively influence culture and increase performance by providing leaders with the skills to overcome what we have identified as the top 10 challenges leaders face today.

  • Leading people constructively through continuous change and numerous challenges
  • Having to achieve more with less by increasing effectiveness and innovation
  • Increasing accountability and performance measures to create ownership and responsibility
  • Breaking down silos to improve collaboration across departments
  • Communicating successfully and effectively by engaging people at all levels to form a team culture of motivation and empowerment
  • Overcoming personal and professional fears by increasing self-confidence and building confidence in others
  • Successfully managing under performance through crucial conversations
  • Remaining resilient through ambiguity and change
  • Developing constructive behaviours to improve mindset and wellbeing
  • Managing up and taking full responsibility for all outcomes
  • Lifting performance levels through effective coaching

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Each of our coaches has their own unique style of coaching, however underpinning this is a consistent philosophy and commitment to accountability. Leadership is about achieving goals, being positive, building relationships and coaching others. True leaders see the value in developing and growing those around them, and have developed the capability within themselves to perform this role.

Our methodology of ‘Coaching Constructively’ has been developed in line with the constructive styles of the Human Synergistics Circumplex to balance both the people and task aspects of coaching. The methodology is integrated with the GROW model (Goals, Reality, Options, Will) and the best practice recommendations of the International Coaching Federation.

The key stages:

  • Build the initial relationship – Create the trust critical for an open relationship where challenging and constructive coaching take place
  • Support and guide through the ‘ups and downs’ – Support the individual along the journey by providing the honesty and encouragement required to progress through the inevitable setbacks that occur along the way
  • Coaching to realise personal potential – Align person passion and organisational goals by encouraging the individual to take personal responsibility for their success and identify and confront barriers to progress
  • Discover focus and clarity – Focus on what’s most important – the achievement of goals by developing and following clear strategies to make consistent progress towards achieving the bigger picture

Key points around our approach

  • We are results focused – the coaching is focused on development and taking someone to the goals they are looking to achieve
  • We have depth through experience – our in-depth understanding of accredited tools and how to apply them delivers exceptional outcomes
  • We’re open and honest – to us, there is not much point in being anything else given our emphasis on results and improvement
  • We are flexible with our delivery – we are able to offer our one on one sessions either virtually or face to face with any one of our experienced coaches located across Australia and New Zealand
  • We think in practical terms – our action-orientated approach to coaching is based on our operational experiences and work history. Every coach participant has a clear action plan that we develop with them to ensure there is accountability for the coaching investment
  • We understand the world you live in – our executive coaches have experience in undertaking the program as they have been through it personally and developed other senior professional within our industries achieving success at all levels, including Senior and Executive staff

In regards to each individual coach, they all follow the above philosophy, but do bring their own unique style and knowledge from their past experience and tools they are qualified in to those they coach.

Our coaches would use the first session with their participant to establish trust and rapport and to understand their coaching requirements. In the second session they will develop an action plan to enable the individual to achieve their personal and professional goals with follow on sessions focused around assisting them to reach their goals and any other areas of challenges that are identified during their day to day lives.

If at any stage our coach feels that the client is not committed to developing or following through with their commitment to action, they will call them on their behaviour and address it as required.

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