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Team & Leadership Development

Leaders set the tone everyday with their behaviour and have a significant influence on culture and performance.

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For your organisation, team or project to deliver high performance and achieve its strategic objectives you simply must invest in developing your leaders at every level.

BRS take a tailored approach to leadership and team development by providing solutions that address the “skills gap” – the gap between where your leaders and people currently sit and where they need to be to deliver high performance.

Our leadership programs take participants on a journey that balances both the people and task aspects of leadership. This means developing the “hard” task-based skills in addition to the “soft” people based skills. The result is a team of leaders who are proficient in the technical aspects of setting up and managing teams to get the job done, while also driving the right culture and developing individuals to reach their potential. Put simply, we assist leaders to develop the skills and instil the habits that transform personal and team effectiveness.

BRS Leadership Programmes:

We offer a broad range of topics from introductory leadership skills and performance management through to:

  • High level strategic planning
  • Collaboration and partnering
  • Executive, management team and team development programs
  • High performance programs
  • Change management
  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Innovation

BRS programs can be delivered in the following formats:

  • Keynotes and Think Tanks
  • Half day workshops
  • Full day workshops
  • High Performance workshops
  • Tailored programs that link several topics and take leaders on a journey
  • Virtual or face to face workshops
  • Virtual or face to face one on one sessions

BRS Tool Kit:

The BRS Tool Kit includes the following diagnostic tools that we use to shape our tailored leadership programmes:

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