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Team Management Profile

The Team Management Profile (TMP) is a research proven pyschometric profiling tool for personal, team and leadership development and offers a framework for building high performing organisations.

The key to the TMP is all about learning, not assessment. The Profile can be used across organisations to improve performance and achieve better business outcomes.

The TMP tool and report provides objective, constructive, work-focussed information that helps individuals understand why they work the way they do, and develop strategies for improving how they work with others.

It provides insights about your work preferences in relation to:

  • Leadership style
  • Team building
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication

The benefits of the TMP are as follows:

  • Gives you a proven framework and model to navigate change, manage projects and build and sustain high performance;
  • Enhances individual and team productivity;
  • Improves organisational communication and collaboration;
  • Helps you build more resilient organisations;
  • Gives insights into how to resolve conflict; and
  • Provides a complete approach to building and maintaining balanced, high-energy teams.

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