A recent article on Linked In invited the viewer to Name Drop a person whom had had a significant impact on the reader.  This triggered memories of a keen young administrative assistant, who immensely enjoyed reading more challenging literature.  Her then CEO boss headed up a large shipping organisation and often challenged her with asking her to write letters, responses and proposals on his behalf.  After writing a number of papers to be presented by the executive at an Annual General Meeting with shareholders, a small throw away comment from him sounded like “You should look more deeply at pursuing comms”… At that time, young women in the workplace were more encouraged into administrative or HR roles, and so Communications and Marketing was an inspirational challenge to someone who wanted to make a difference.

Equally now, many years later in facilitating teams or coaching leaders, I am delighted to often receive feedback of “this has changed my life”..  and know that their current experience possibly has indeed introduced new and different possibilities for them, to what they had originally anticipated which may very well have “changed their life” or expected direction.

Those ‘sliding door moments’ are presented to us often – whether it be through relationships we develop, through projects that challenge us, or unexpected turns in events that opens new doors and provides new insights into who we are.

When that light bulb sparks and new possibilities excite us, the feeling is palpable – new energy infuses us, new ideas flood in and new possibilities abound.  As a great believer in energy flow, tuning in to that which excites us and presents new opportunities is an indicator of where our own future lies… if we have the courage to follow that flow.

Equally important is to tune in to the indicators that present through continuous barriers and blocks, situations and relationships that frustrate us and even annoy us.. these are the indicators that there is a better way for you, you’ve just not found it – yet.

These frustrations sometimes present and highlight “this is not what I want for myself”… the opportunity then becomes – then what DO you want? Define, and follow it.

Increased personal effectiveness infuses others and lifts the energy of the whole team. The ripple effect continues supporting possibilities, innovation and success.

The latest Neuroscience studies confirms that we are completely meant to live in happiness, fulfilment and joy – following your passion as lit by those light-bulb moments is a great way of find it – ps – thankyou Max!