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Commercial Capability Training

Organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand spend billions of dollars on contractors and service providers every year. This presents significant commercial opportunities to save money and improve the performance of your contracts by understanding good commercial practices that drive value for money from service providers.

Staff from across government departments and infrastructure delivery agencies can further develop their commercial capability through our training courses that have been developed with input from Government infrastructure delivery agencies.

Attendees come from a range of different roles including project management, commercial, legal, procurement and stakeholder engagement. We also have different experience, knowledge and capability when it comes to commercials, which is why we offer Commercial Capability training courses at the Graduate and Emerging Professional, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

More information on what is included within each course can be found here:

The criteria for attendance at each of these courses are as follows:

Graduate and Emerging Leaders Commercial Capability Training

Target audience: Entry level employees in government departments, agencies, and their supply chain partners. Especially those in infrastructure related roles.

Experience recommended: No commercial or public sector experience required.


Intermediate Commercial Capability Training

Target audience: Mid-level employees in government departments, agencies and their supply chain partners, especially those working in infrastructure related roles.

Experience recommended: Some public sector experience working on procurement or commercial projects.


Advanced Commercial Capability Training

Target Audience: Mid and senior level employees in government departments, agencies and their supply chain partners, especially those in infrastructure related roles.

Experience recommended: Attendance at Intermediate Commercial Capability training, unless the participant already has significant experience with procurement and commercial management in the public or private sector.


We strongly recommend all participants attend the Intermediate Capability training before they attend the Advanced Capability training.


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