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Newsletter November 2017

Making Time to Lead

As we approach the end of the year, we have been undertaking a number of workshops with clients as they look to finish the year well and set up for 2018.  These workshops have a focus on also reflecting on leader’s role in driving their organisations and projects forward in a way that creates the environment for successful outcomes in 2018.

One of the critical components to this happening is leaders making time to lead.  There are many distractions, urgent matters and competing priorities for leaders which take them away from leading.  The challenge for all of us is to make the time to lead by saying no to non-priority matters, delegating well to others, valuing their time and energy and developing others in our teams and organisations.

We look forward to seeing our clients lead their organisations and projects in 2018.

Putting the Customer First

We recently facilitated a winning bid workshop with a client and a breakfast that centred heavily on the importance of putting your customer first when looking to work with clients on projects.  These sessions were enjoyable as we discussed what this actually means in practice.   We also reflected on whether we do this when investing large amounts of time and energy in to winning bids or securing new clients.

From BRS’s perspective, it starts with putting yourself in the shoes of the customer.  What are their fears?  What are there challenges?  What will keep them up in night in delivering this initiative or project?  Where can we assist our customer in solving their challenges, problems or add value?   This way of thinking is where we start rather than focussing on what we can sell or deliver our customer.  It challenges us to really hone in on understanding our customer before we put any work in to any major pursuit or project.

When you are next sitting down with your team, it is worth exploring the question of whether you you’re your organisation truly puts your customers first.  I know for BRS this is a work in progress as we continue to examine all areas of our business and look to ensure we think about the customer first.    It requires discipline, questioning of our activities around whether they are what our customer wants and a challenge to continue to understand our industries and customers better so that we can continue to add more value to them in what we do.

A final point to reflect on is also understanding who the true customer is.  Often for your client, they don’t want you to focus on them but rather their customers and what they need.  A good example of this is when you look at a transport government agency and who their customers area.  They may include drivers, politicians, cyclists, stakeholders and other government agencies.  Do you know them and their wants and fears?  Do you understand what impact a project may have on these customers and what we may need to do to address their concerns, wants and needs?  This knowledge is critical to adding value to your clients in a way that truly puts you in their shoes.  It is a challenge but one that will lead to increased opportunities to add value to your clients and their customers.

BRS Breakfast Series 2017 – Last one coming up!

Thank you to everyone who attended our breakfasts – we hope you enjoyed the sessions and took home a few tips to implement within your organisation and projects.  They have been very well attended with great discussions and insights being shared by our clients.

We only have a few tickets left for our final breakfasts in Auckland – so make sure you secure your tickets!

29 November 2017 – Gaining synergy from high performing bid teams through the use of a tool called Kolbe

If you would like to get an insight into who the presenter is and what will be covered in detail, or register, please the link below.  Kolbe is an exciting tool that can add enormous value to building high performing winning bid teams.


For those clients that were unable to attend the last two breakfasts on Winning Bids and Lessons Learnt from a Legacy Project, we are happy to provide copies of the presentations.  Please email and we will send through the presentations.

Register Now

Secondment Opportunities

Most of our followers are familiar with the services that BRS offers to our clients, which typically fall within the following service lines:

  • Bid Coaching & Tendering
  • Commercial & Procurement
  • Leadership, Team & Culture
  • Organisation Improvement
  • Project Performance

But did you know that we now also have team members available to fill secondment opportunities within each of these service lines?

We are finding that our clients are seeking ongoing support and assistance with the implementation of recommendations from reviews, workshops or other initiatives within their teams and organisations.

If you are interested in learning more about our team members who are able to undertake both short or long term, part time or full time secondment assistance, please call us on +61 8 8212 5752.

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