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Newsletter June 2018

Enjoyment, learning and growth through your work

The more we work with various organisations and people, the more convincing the argument becomes around the importance of people doing work they enjoy and working with the right people in the right environment. This strongly links to the importance of psychological safety for people and how leaders create this environment for everyone to be successful.

To achieve this, there needs to be a strong emphasis on regular feedback, self-awareness from leaders combined with a commitment to change and improvement. This allows for an environment that is focussed on being adaptable, open to change and improvement that allows people’s security needs to be met so that they are able to then move in to satisfaction activities that give them purpose, fulfilment and enjoyment.

This will continue to be a focus for BRS and our clients with the work we do. A commitment to ensuring we create the right environment for successful outcomes to be achieved for individuals, teams, projects and organisations.

Breakfast events in Adelaide

We are delighted to announce that we are running another three breakfast events over the next few months on the following topics:

  • The Myer Briggs Type Indicator: Improving how your team works together in just four letters;
  • Team Management Profile: The Nine Key Success Factors behind Outstanding Teamwork and High Performance; and
  • Understanding Your Managers Impact: Do you really know the influence and impact of this crucial group in your organisation?

We had a terrific breakfast event in Adelaide on Thursday 31 May 2018 on Understanding Your Leaders Impact: What influence are they having in your organization?”. There was a great turnout with lots of interaction and questions.

For more information on these events, including presenters and dates or to register, please click on the link below.

Registration Information

Working with Right Fit Clients - Roads & Maritime Services

One of the key elements BRS looks for when commencing work with a client is the importance of it being the right fit both for our client and ourselves.

This involves discussions with potential clients around what outcomes they are looking to achieve and where do the focus or priorities from working with BRS right now need to be. One of the critical discussions centres around values and ensuring there is an alignment between the client’s values and behaviours and ours. This is the basis of a strong partnership in delivering great outcomes together.

We have had the pleasure of working with Road and Maritime Services (RMS) in NSW over the last twelve months delivering commercial acumen training for their staff. There was significant time invested by both RMS and BRS in ensuring the training program was tailored extensively for RMS. This has resulted in high quality training that has been well received by staff who have attended the course. The learning for us has been about taking the time to understand the client and ensuring the content we deliver is tailored to what the client wants to achieve.

We have also appreciated the trust placed in BRS in being able to deliver this training in a way that builds the capability and capacity of their people.

We look forward to continuing to deliver commercial acumen training to RMS over the coming years.

Promoting Joint Ventures and Consortiums between Small Businesses in South Australia

We have been working recently with the Office of Industry Advocate as part of a working group looking at ways we can promote and develop more joint ventures and consortiums of small businesses in South Australia to collaborate to win more work in South Australian government. This has been on the back of previous work we have done with New Zealand government in this space and how they have successfully built the capability and capacity of New Zealand businesses to collaborate effectively.

It has led to a terrific exchange of ideas and thoughts that led to the development of a Collaborating for Success framework which can be found below:

We are currently preparing a recommendation report for the Office of Industry Advocate around how this could be effectively implemented in South Australia for consideration by the new State Government along with some guidance for small business on how to work collaboratively in joint ventures and consortiums.

We look forward to continuing to support the Office of Industry Advocate with this work. More information on the great work the Office of Industry Advocate undertake can be found at the following link –

Featured Case Study

Rural construction site - Photo by roads & maritime services.

Commercial Acumen Gap Analysis and Development of Training Program

Roads and Maritime Serivces

BRS was engaged to undertake a commercial acumen gap analysis review of Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). This included face to face interviews, review of relevant background documentation and information as well as stakeholder surveys to identify where RMS is at from a commercial acumen perspective and where they needed to be.


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