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Newsletter April 2018

Changing Tack as a Leader or Organisation

One of the key skills required by senior leaders and organisations is the ability to adjust the sails when the wind changes and a new strategy is needed.  This ability to be agile, flexible and adaptable is important particularly given that change is a constant and is happening more and more in our industry which can have a positive or negative effect on individuals, teams and our organisations.

Your ability to respond is more important than what has occurred.  How do we respond in a constructive manner that sets up ourselves, our team and organisation for future success?

In order to do this, you need the self-awareness of your impact on others and also how you as an organisation are going in delivering on your strategy.

Are the actions you are putting in place as a leader to be truly effective working?  Is the strategy you have in place with your business to grow being executed effectively?  Getting feedback from the right areas on your leadership impact and your strategy are great places to start in looking at the small adjustments you may need to make to ensure you are aligned to the outcomes you are seeking.

As you reflect on this, have a think about whether your leaders are getting the feedback they need to improve and be more effective.  Are you reviewing your strategy to ensure it is the right one and there is sufficient accountability around the execution of key actions and initiatives?  Set up the new financial year for success now by planning for leadership that is adaptable and for a strategy that is the right one.

Breakfast in Adelaide

A new breakfast event coming to Adelaide on Thursday, 31 May 2018.

Kym Williams and Nathan Hayes are presenting the topic Understanding Your Leaders Impact: What influence are they having in your organisation?

If you are looking for insights around how you can measure whether your senior executives and executive teams are having a constructive impact on the people around them, you will really enjoy this session.  This session will also be very valuable to HR leaders and Human Synergistics accredited practitioners.

For more information on the event or to register, please the link below:

Registration Information

Importance of the Start Up Phase on Projects

In the last six months, we have seen an increase from clients engaging BRS to facilitate workshops right at the start of projects between clients and their supply chain delivery partners.

These workshops are critically important in helping do the following:

  • Outline the expectations and outcomes both parties are looking to achieve from the project;
  • Get clear on the big picture and what success looks like in delivering successful outcomes on the project;
  • Working through the behaviours and rules of engagement that will drive collaboration and teamwork across the project team;
  • Align on role clarity and who is accountable for what in delivery;
  • Identify key actions and initiatives that will build a high performing team in the first 90 days; and
  • Identify key challenges and what we will do to address them through clear decision making and authority being set up early in the project.

This small investment of time up front in taking a day out to align on these key areas creates positive momentum for the project team.  It ensures assumptions are not made around how we are going to work together to deliver a successful project.

Featured Case Study

Circular graphic. Items listed in size, each surrounding the last: You, Team, Organisation, Industry

Leadership Development Program

City of Tea Tree Gully

Provision of leadership, team and organisation coaching services to the City of Tea Tree Gully. This involved the implementation of a customised leadership development program and executive coaching to meet the unique needs of the client and ensure all leaders were accountable for their development.


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