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Case Study

Alliance Facilitator for Procurement Phase

  • Melbourne Metro Rail Authority
  • Bid Coaching & Tendering Bid Coaching & Tendering
  • Commercial & Procurement Commercial & Procurement

The Rail Systems Alliance ($1 billion) involves the design, development and commissioning of signalling, communications and control systems required on the new Sunshine-Dandenong Line and is a key part of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project. The Rail Systems Alliance Project will be the first brownfield High Capacity Signalling rollout in Australia.


Why they approached us

The project was procured as a Competitive Alliance (dual-TOC) where the MMRA and the successful Proponent will share risk and reward. The procurement process included a range of interactive activities and workshops that provided the opportunity for the proponents to work collaboratively with MMRA and key stakeholders to develop elements of the project solution (design and delivery approach) for inclusion in the Proponent’s tender.

Having a specialist facilitator involved to lead and administer the interactive process is important because they are an “independent” party without a vested interest in the outcome of the tender or delivery of the project. The facilitator’s task was to develop and guide the interactive sessions towards achieving the objectives of all parties, thereby realising a true best-for-project outcome and maximising value-for-money for the State.

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