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Pip Hair


Areas of Expertise

  • High Performance Culture & Teams
  • Individual & Team Coaching & Facilitation
  • Communications Strategy, Planning & Management
  • Stakeholder Relationships & Engagement
  • Leadership Development

"I have a passion for helping people. At work this means helping people to grow and achieve their full potential. In the high performing teams I have worked with strong relationships have been fundamental to development and success. I deeply enjoy developing relationships with the people I work with so we can challenge, align, lead and succeed together."

Pip has a deep understanding around what drives individual and team performance and is able to combine this with an ability to connect with people at all levels. She works with organisations to develop a clear view on what’s important including what needs to occur to make things happen and how best to approach specific situations to get the best outcomes. Pip has developed an excellent reputation for her constructive, upfront and action-driven approach to developing high performance culture within teams, organisations and competitive alliance settings.  She is also sought after as a leadership coach due to her open and collaborative coaching style.

Before Pip joined BRS she was the People & Communications Director for the Waterview Connection, a NZ$1.4b infrastructure and roading project involving 4.8km of motorway and two 2.4km tunnels in Auckland, New Zealand. This 7-year project was delivered by the Well-Connected Alliance and Pip was responsible for developing and leading the high performance programme throughout the bid and delivery phases.  She was a member of the Alliance Management Team for the duration of the project and was also responsible for leading the Communications & Stakeholder and Human Resources teams.

Since joining BRS Pip has worked with numerous organisations, alliances and project teams throughout New Zealand and Australia.

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