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Newsletter December 2018

Finishing up a very busy year

It has been a very busy year for our clients, industry and the projects we have worked on.  The pipeline of infrastructure projects continues to grow with news projects and announcements from government continuing to occur across Australasia.

From our perspective, the challenge for our industry heading in to 2019 is around sustainability.  This is not so much in the area of sustainable materials or a focus on the environment.  It is in a more holistic sense around the people in our industry who have been working very hard for a number of years.  The challenge with a busy industry is that there is not much respite on all people involved in the industry which can lead to stress, being overworked and mental and wellbeing challenges for all of us.  It is a common theme many of our clients are focussing on with their projects, people and organisations.

We need to continue to make this a priority which needs to be as important as safety.  Our people come first and we look forward to continuing to see our industry place the utmost importance on this important theme.

Collaborative Contracting and the Sharing of Risk

BRS are heartened to see the continued shift from government and industry towards a shared collaborative approach to delivering the backlog of infrastructure projects that we are currently experiencing.

We have had the NSW government release their 10 point action plan for the construction sector (see link below) as well as the Victorian government following soon after with their plan.

Both plans are excellent commitments from government to working collaboratively with their supply chain to work smarter and more efficiently in the delivery of projects now and in the future.

These plans and commitments have been followed by a greater focus on shared risk discussions between clients and their supply chain partners and working through who is best placed to manage the risk.  This approach is important in ensuring there is a maturity in the commercial interests of both parties are aligned to risk discussions that ask who is best placed to manage individual risks and what will drive the best value for money outcomes commercially in the management of these risks.

Collaborative contracting models play an important role in the delivery of projects where shared risks are present.  A greater focus on collaborative behaviours, a focus on solutions and mature commercial discussions up front are all themes we look forward to continuing to see occurring in the delivery of value for money projects across Australasia in 2019.

Download a copy of the 10 Point Action Plan for the Construction Industry

Erin is back!

We are delighted to have Erin Petrys return to BRS from maternity leave.

Erin is a critical part of our team with a strong focus on winning work as well as ensuring our clients get the right people from BRS working on their exciting projects.

Erin also plays an important role in our team supporting her team mates as well as building very strong relationships with our consultants in ensuring they are doing the work they love doing.

We look forward to Erin settling back in to BRS.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The holiday season is a wonderful time for us to remember the friends, clients and service providers who contribute to our business throughout the year. We would like to take this moment to say thank you for your continued support and send our best wishes to both yourself and your families.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with much laughter, family and leftovers.

The BRS office will be closed from Monday, 24 December 2018 and re-open on Monday, 7 January 2019.

This year is over, but what about 2019?

As we wind down from a fast paced and successful year, we look forward to a relaxing and fun filled break.

It is important to take time to reflect on 2018 and set up the New Year with a clear focus, purpose and objectives. Our team has recently gone through a focused team planning session and will realign early next year to focus on our teams’ alignment, gaps and strategy for 2019.

BRS have extensive capability and experience to assist in setting your team up for success for 2019. Click here  to learn how we can assist your team in reaching its potential or if you would like some light reading during the break, why not visit our blog!

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