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Project Team Health Diagnostics

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Project culture or “health” links directly to project team’s performance therefore it makes sense to measure team health in order to drive higher performance.

As they say, what gets measured gets managed!

BRS Diagnostic Surveys provide a tailored, evidence-based approach to monitoring and managing project team performance at all levels.

Diagnostic Surveys


Project teams require timely feedback to identify shortcomings, observe trends, and track progress towards culture objectives.

  • Drive a proactive rather than reactive culture
  • Provide a clear picture of the most pressing culture issues
  • Highlight where resources need to be targeted for maximum impact

Our diagnostic surveys were designed by a registered psychologist, ensuring the data captured is accurate and reliable.

The surveys are quick, cost effective, and can be implemented at the following levels:

  • Board / Governance Body
  • Management Level
  • Employee / Project Team
  • Client
  • Stakeholder groups

Evidence based results:

  • BRS surveys are tailored to fit the unique needs of your project
  • Results are presented in clear, concise reports that highlight development opportunities, levers for change and culture strong points to leverage
  • Results can be fed into a balanced scorecard, team health report or other measure currently used by your project team

BRS Diagnostic Reports can include:

  • Graphical reports for ease of interpretation including trends and comparisons to previous survey results
  • A comparison of results to best practice within the organisation or industry
  • An independent summary of the results, providing actionable strategies for improvement
  • Clear actions to improve performance

Ask us about undertaking an independent review of where your project team health is at and how to improve engagement of your staff

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