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Project Governance

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Project governance is often misunderstood and undervalued in terms of being a critical element of delivering successfully on a project.

For a board, management team and project team in a project to effectively operate, there must be principles that govern their conduct.

Documenting these and living them will ensure that the focus is on best for project outcomes. If done right and embraced within a project right from the start, all the elements of project governance can be brought to life as tangible, practical strategies to deliver success. The key elements that really drive high performance on a project are also the same things that should be included in a governance framework.

Key elements include:

  • Client and Project Objectives
  • The Vision for the Project linked to a Project Charter
  • Values and Behaviours
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Expectations of the Board, Management Team and Project Team
  • Issue Resolution Matrix
  • Authority Matrix and Accountabilities
  • Governance Principles
  • Key Result Areas
  • Board and Management Team Agendas and Reporting

BRS can assist projects and organisations in the facilitation of governance workshops that ensure all these elements are addressed early and up-front as part of your bid, project or within your organisation

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