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Mobilisation & Project Start Up

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BRS works with clients to develop a project team integration plan and high performance plan for the first 90 days of the project.

This creates an environment of trust, accountability and innovation, supported by evidence based tools such as Human Synergistics and Myers Briggs.

To achieve a high performance culture, a number of key strategies are implemented as part of the project setup with the Board and management teams:

  • Building trust in the first 90 days: Accelerate the forming, storming, norming and performing stages of the project team through early alignment, bedding down rules of engagement, supportive and positive leadership, and bedding down systems and processes early.
  • Getting hygiene and process discipline bedded down early: Removing distraction and dysfunction by bedding down key systems and processes, office setup and other enablers so that the team can focus on delivering innovative solutions for the customer.
  • Establishing expectations around role clarity and objectives: Being clear on expectations around what success looks like and what we expect of every member of the team to reduce ambiguity and ensure everyone is focused on doing their role.
  • Establishing feedback loops and constant challenge: Establishing regular feedback loops and communication mechanisms for staff to learn and improve.
  • Collaboration and partnering: Using the one team approach to promote a collaborative approach to working across the project and through key interfaces with customers and stakeholders.
  • Role modelling constructive leadership from the management team: Coaching and mentoring the management team recognising the impact that leadership has on the performance environment within the team.
  • Building a forward looking Board: Coaching the Board to be collaborative, future focused and to be enablers of creating an environment of trust and accountability. Setting up the governance structures for successful project outcomes.

Find out more about how to set up and build momentum from the start on your projects through our Mobilisation & Project Start Up services

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