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Collaboration & Partnering on Projects

There has been a general shift in the infrastructure delivery industry in the area of partnering and collaboration.

Clients and service providers are shifting from the traditional master servant contracting model and are now embracing the benefits of building partnerships, and improving collaboration across the team from the commencement of the project.

BRS provides a one stop shop for clients and service providers on projects to assist in building a collaborative one team approach across the various organisations involved in a project.

These services include:

One Team Approach

BRS specialises in providing a one team framework that focuses on collaboration and partnering across boundaries. This framework is particularly useful in a project delivery sector where various organisations come together to work on a single project.

In building your one team culture BRS will design and facilitate workshops to obtain alignment between parties and develop key commercial and project measures to drive one team behaviours. These include Alignment Workshops, One Team Culture Workshops and United Leadership Workshops.

BRS will also develop scorecards to measure and track the behaviors that lead to a one team approach. This ensures the team are aware and accountable for the specific actions which are critical to a one team project approach.

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Document Management and Collaboration Systems

BRS specialises in the provision of advice in implementing simple document management systems and collaboration systems. This includes implementation support and training which emphasise ‘how’ people use the systems. Specifically we have experience with MacroView DMF, which integrates with Microsoft Outlook to provide intuitive document and email management solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint.

BRS can set up your one team management system by building a routine, structured and disciplined management framework which aligns your team with the key project drivers and outcomes. This includes when your team meet, what they focus on, reports and information required by the team, and regular time frames for completion of key tasks.

Commercial Advice

BRS specialises in providing commercial advice on establishing one team contracts. Many firms ‘talk the talk’ on the one team approach, but don’t reflect this in their contracts up front. Invariably once things start to go wrong on the project this starts to break down the one team approach, and organisations revert back to the master servant approach.

BRS provides commercial advice to ensure that the pricing mechanisms and frameworks used in commercial agreements incentivise all organisations to work collaboratively. BRS can assist by establishing the key performance indicators and pain/gain reward mechanisms which promote a One Team Approach and align the interests of the various organisations. We also train and mentor clients on how to effectively manage service providers in a collaborative manner.

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