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Strategy & Business Planning

A Strategic Plan needs to be the compass that aligns your organisation to true north over the next three to five years.

Where are you going and what are you targeting to achieve success and to drive the right behaviours in the organisation?

The business plan is the map that aligns to your compass (strategic plan). It covers in detail where you have been and what you are focussed on, but it really outlines how you plan to deliver on your strategic plan in the short term.

Our approach centres on the following:

  • Facilitation of open and outcome focused sessions with key members of your Executive and senior management team and other interested parties that explore:
    • the external environment in which you want to compete (via SWOT/PESTLE analysis)
    • the nature and scale of the opportunity presented
    • the key challenges associated with the internal environment
  • Inclusion of best-practice measurement techniques to enable you to track progress towards your goals and accountability loops to achieve this
  • Consideration of the human factors that need to be addressed for the strategy to be successfully implemented – covering culture, leadership, organisation, motivation, skills, resource levels, and appetite for change
  • A focus on ensuring that the plans developed are comprehensive, aligned across all geographic and market segments, pragmatic; and that they consider the impact on running the day-to-day business
  • Practical examples of best practice strategy

BRS has extensive experience in facilitating, designing and delivering strategic and business planning services across of the Infrastructure, Resources and Government industries.

Find out how to turn your strategy into actions and how to deliver measurable outcomes in your organisation

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