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Organisation & Service Reviews

Two industrial workers completing a service review of an industrial interior area

All organisations face the constant challenge to do more with less.

Companies are under pressure to demonstrate how the services they provide represent value for money.

BRS assists clients to respond to these challenges by reviewing the range and quality of services they provide as well as the overall organisation. Our team has practical experience and can assist by facilitating workshops, developing organisation and service review policies and frameworks, undertaking external organisation and service reviews, providing advice and input, and coaching staff undertaking service reviews.

If undertaking a service review, some of the selection criteria that may be used to decide which services should be reviewed include:

  • The amount spent on the service as a percentage of your company’s total expenditure of the past three years.
  • Significant and unanticipated increases in spending (as a percentage) over a period of time.
  • Deteriorating performance trends, particularly related to KPIs.
  • Undertake a strategic risk assessment process to review your service and strategies.
  • The level of risk embedded in the current levels of service or the current method of service delivery.
  • There is an identified strategic change by your company in the area or service that is being provided.
  • Undertake a SWOT, PESTLE and competitor analysis of your industry, competitors, risk and opportunities.

The key aspect of the criteria is to focus on the proactive opportunity to review organisation and service levels given the changes identified above. All staff within your organisation should be encouraged to identify ways to maximise services with the finite resources available.

The question of which services are to be reviewed should be addressed as part of your company’s budget and business planning process.

Our Approach

Our process for managing organisation and service reviews starts with the consideration of the external and internal environment of the service to gain a good understanding of the service to be reviewed. Then we will consider whether the service delivery is efficient, effective and appropriate by exploring a number of things including; can benefits and outputs of the service be increased? Is the current method of delivering the service still the preferred method?

If a change is contemplated, careful consideration will be given to understanding what will be required to effect change including clear roles and responsibilities, timeframes, communication plans, etc.


Our organisation and service reviews enables our client to approach the reviews in a structured manner following a formal and systematic process that focuses the attention on the critical issues underpinning service delivery. It provides an approach that balances the needs of the stakeholders with the resources available to meet those needs.

The results may lead to revised performance standards, cost savings, better targeted services, or identify opportunities to improve processes and become more efficient. Whatever the specific outcome, a structured process for reviewing services or structure is one of the most important mechanisms that an organisation can use to ensure the services they provide balance needs and expectations of their key stakeholders.

Find out how an independent review of your organisation or services can provide a road map with clear recommendations

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