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Change Management

Unfortunately, from our experience most change efforts fail to succeed.

John Kotter who is one of the leading authors on change management made reference to this in his article “why transformation efforts fail” (Kotter, Harvard Business Review, March 1995). We believe one of the key reasons transformation projects fail is that the organisational culture and environment within which the change is being initiated is not conducive to change.

Our approach to enabling change recognises that we need to foster an organisational environment which is open to change in order for individual change projects to succeed. It’s about building a resilient, responsive and innovative organisation where change is the norm.

Are You Open to Change? written on running track


In our view there are 9 key focus areas which are critical in enabling change:

1. Establishing a meaningful vision for change which staff connect with at an intrinsic level

2. Establishing effective staff engagement and communications strategies

3. Coaching and challenging the Executive Team to promote unity and alignment from the top down

4. Coaching and challenging leaders and staff around their thinking and behaviours to promote balance between people and task, stronger resilience and openness to change and embed a customer first mindset

5. Deconstructing organisational structures, systems and processes which create bottlenecks for change, and identify improvements which will enable change

6. Ensuring reward and recognition systems are aligned with the outcomes of the change program to promote commitment and focus amongst leaders

7. Providing training, support and tools to leaders and staff around change management to support them in their roles as internal change agents

8. Ensuring there are feedback loops for staff and leaders through KPI’s, dashboards, and performance reports

9. Strengthening the program, project and change management capability within the organisation to ensure individual initiatives as well as the overall programme is well managed

Change Action Plan

Our methodology has been developed in alignment with change frameworks such as PROSCI and evidence based tools such as Human Synergistics and MBTI. In this way, our programs take participants on a journey that balances both the people and task aspects of leadership, as well as an understanding of the different personality traits in people and teams. These tools are based on extensive research and are evidence based which is critical when engaging and building trust with staff.

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