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Business Improvement

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Organisations that aren’t continually evolving and improving either lose significant momentum or fail.

To keep your business moving in the right direction, improvement practices must occur on a daily basis throughout all levels of your organisation.

PEME Cycle

The PEME cycle is based on the famous management cycles of Deming. It has four key stages: ‘Plan’, ‘Execute’, ‘Measure’ and ‘Evolve’.

The cycle emphasises that organisations must not only focus on executing well, but also give adequate attention to planning, measuring, and evolving.

Constructively linking the PEME cycle to key business drivers ensures high performance in the areas most critical to your company’s success, and through this the long term sustainability of the company.

The PEME cycle occurs at every level in the organisation and involves every staff member. The cycle is implemented on a range of time schedules (daily, monthly, quarterly, annually and longer term) to ensure both short term priorities and long term strategies are accounted for and delivered upon.

BRS Services

  • Every company has different business improvement priorities. BRS tailors its solutions to the unique circumstances of your company or project assisting with fundamental reform or simply taking good improvement practices to the next level.
  • We can link your strategic financial, client, safety, system, operational and culture drivers to business improvement measures at the strategic, senior management, operational, team and individual level.

Find out how our Business Improvement services can help to identify opportunities that can improve your bottom line performance

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