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90 Day Planning

Often the challenge with delivering a large task, whether it be a business strategy, large project or other initiative is that it can seem daunting and so far away from being achieved.

A great way to work towards these big goals is to develop short term plans which are much more easily managed, monitored and tracked.

It is then the success of these series of short term plans which ultimately lead you to the success of your larger goal. The 90 Day Planning process is a great way to achieve this.

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BRS can assist in facilitating 90 day planning sessions on your projects, bids and within your organisations with a focus on a bias for action. We are your accountability partners in ensuring you deliver on what you have committed to.

The process involves:

  • Identifying Key Focus Areas for the next 90 day period
  • Ensuring these focus areas align to the strategic plan for the organisation, or the objectives for a project
  • Brainstorming actions for each of these Key Focus Areas for the next 90 day period
  • Prioritising these actions to ensure the plan for the next 90 days is achievable
  • Obtaining ownership of each of these actions to ensure accountability and results

90 Day Planning ensures alignment and focused progress towards your strategic goals and project objectives

Align on your most important priorities for the next quarter with your team through a 90 day planning workshop

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