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High Performance Services

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We recommend the development of a High Performance Plan that will guide the activities that will develop a high performing organisation, project or team.

This plan has a strong focus on the building of a high performance approach to the programme, outcomes and team which is critical to success.

This plan will ensure that the team understand that we plan for high performance like any other critical function on a project.

What is it?

The High Performance Plan is a simple and effective framework that helps complex programmes and projects to deliver initiatives and operational tasks faster, at a lower cost and to a higher quality, with fewer people issues.

The overall plan will be designed to build the capability for effective teamwork and partnering across boundaries between disciplines, project teams, and across the programme as a whole.


What does it involve?

The High Performance Plan will involve:

  • Developing the mental model/philosophy of working as one team united in its approach;
  • Building capability by applying the following core capabilities/tools:
  • Building partnering relationships and agreements
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Shared learning/debriefing
  • Measuring partnering effectiveness

What BRS can do for you?

BRS works with you to develop a framework for creating a high performing team that successfully delivers the initiative as well as undertake workshops as and when required.

Once developed, the High Performance Plan will be reviewed by key stakeholders for endorsement and approval.

We recommend that the progress on how you are tracking with the High Performance Plan activities is reviewed regularly with key personnel and that the framework is continually updated as the programme evolves.

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