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Cultural Transformation

At BRS we partner with organisations and project teams to design, develop and deliver High Performance Culture Transformation Programs.

We combine the science of evidence-based tools with tailored, aspirational programs to provide clients with solutions specific to their unique culture requirements.

We develop high performance plans for bids, projects, organisations and teams that drive an accountability culture focused on results and outcomes.

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The ‘What’

What drives culture?

  • Culture is the “personality” of an organisation: how team members approach tasks and work together to get the job done.
  • Research shows leader behaviour is the main driver of workplace culture.
  • To embed a high performance culture, leaders need to consistently set the right example, demonstrate constructive behaviours, sell the vision and inspire action.
  • Team dynamics and the structure, systems, and processes in place also play a significant role in driving culture.

The ‘How’

How do you create a High Performance Culture?

  • Your culture and values must connect with your strategic objectives.
  • True culture transformation leads to lasting and sustainable change for the better.
  • High performance cultures are created through progress in six key areas; leadership practices, employee experience, innovation, customer experience, fairness and financials.

The ‘Why’

We develop Culture Transformation Programs that deliver improvement across the 6 High Performance measures:

  • Leadership – Empowering leaders so they hit performance targets
  • Employees – Increase engagement, improve safety, and attract and retain talent
  • Innovation – Drive continuous improvement across the organisation
  • Customers – Improve client experiences
  • Fairness – Achieve consistency and clarity for staff across the organisation
  • Productivity and Profitability – Deliver a measurable Return On Investment

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